My Experience Buying Window Tint

I absolutely love our new home. The location is perfect, the neighbors are lovely and the school system nearby is ideal. The house sits on a hill at the end of a beautiful street, and I have virtually no complaints. That is, except for the fact that in the afternoon, we get so much sun at the front portion of the residence, that it is almost unbearable. All of the rooms on that side of the house become very hot and the light is blinding unless room-darkening shades are drawn.


I figured that there had to be a better way to filter some of that light without blocking it out entirely like window tint Austin, something that seemed rather depressing. Then, I had the great idea of using window tint in selected areas to help solve the problem. Though I had never considered using such products outside of the automotive context, it seemed to me a stroke of genius!


Now that I have some subtle, yet effective tint on the affected windows, I am able to take full advantage of every part of my home, no matter how sunny the weather may be. I believe this is an idea that could really catch fire!

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