Let Light In With 3M Automotive Window Tint

Window tinting has become more popular than ever these days. I know that I have seen many cars that use it. I think it looks cool and the fact that it keeps the heat from the sun out is quite an added benefit. One thing that many people associate with this type of tinting is that it is really dark, however, some are not.


I know that 3M window tint Austin has a special type that actually lets in more light than the competitors. That sounds like it would be counterproductive, but I can assure you that this is not the case. What causes the car to warm up is not the light itself but the heat. This tinting of theirs, which is known as Crystalline Automotive Window Film is fairly light so that it lets more light in the car for increased visibility but it blocks out the heat that actually warms up the inside of the car.


The other thing is that this film is not magnetized at all. Many of the usual tins are and that interferes with things like wireless signals. With this tint, you can enjoy uninterrupted cell service.


I have been a big fan of 3M products for a while. I like that they make quality tins for car windows. I also like that they offer different kinds that will keep the heat out no matter how light they may appear.

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